The Price of Green

Do you always have to pay more to go green? No, Modern Lime Cleaning Service is happy to offer competitive eco-friendly cleaning service rates. You may be asking yourself how we can do this. Because of improvements in technology and manufacturing, green products, equipment and materials are no longer priced higher than their non-green counterparts. Since we can purchase our materials at lower costs, we pass along the savings to our clients

Fotolia_49058603_XS[1]The Quality of Green

Another common green myth is that green products and services are lower in quality than their non-green counterparts. We do not sacrifice quality or effectiveness by going green. Our equipment, products and materials are not only environmentally preferable, but just as effective as traditional cleaning supplies.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Benefits

  • Improves Indoor Air Quality by Eliminating Dust and Allergens
  • Reduces Chemicals and Dangerous Fumes
  • Completely Eliminates the Use of Highly Toxic Chemicals
  • Enhances a Business’ Eco-Image
  • Reduces Injuries, Sickness, Health-Related Issues and Employee Absenteeism
  • Competitive Prices to Conventional Cleaning
  • Results in Cleaner, More Sanitary Environments
  • Reduces our Environmental Footprint

Green Cleaning Practices

Our green cleaning practices include color-coded systems, reduced water and chemical use, and targeted-cleaning. We utilize many earth friendly cleaning practices to reduce our carbon footprint and the footprint of our clients.

We implement a color-coded cleaning system that prevents cross-contamination, increases productivity, and improves training and communication. Using a color-coded system makes it easy for employees to determine which cloths and tools should be used in particular areas and increases cleaning productivity time. By separating high and low-risk areas by color, we prevent bacteria from being transferred and effectively create a more sanitary environment. This system also reduces language and literacy barriers when training a diverse employee workforce by utilizing visual color cues and indicators.

MC-291069484-2Our reduced water and chemical efforts go a long way in preserving our natural resources and creating a sustainable earth. We fill a bucket with water and use that to soak cloths and clean tools as opposed to constantly running the faucet.We also use an eco-friendly method known as targeted-cleaning which focuses on major sources of bacteria and dirt. Entry points into a property such as doors, windows and mats are able to trap foreign soils and must be cleaned thoroughly and frequently. Commonly-touched surfaces such as doorknobs, phones, and light switches retain and transfer bacteria easily and must be routinely disinfected.