Green Clean!

Our company is a dedicated pioneer in the green cleaning industry, utilizing the latest eco-friendly products, equipment and practices to protect your health and the environment. Modern Lime implements a comprehensive green cleaning program through the use of green-certified products, high-performance equipment and environmentally friendly practices.

GoGreenWe were founded as a green solution to traditional cleaning problems, and achieve this through our holistic green cleaning approach. Our clients experience greater indoor air quality and overall cleanliness.


The Green Movement

Homes are switching to green cleaning practices in order to protect their families and pets from toxic chemicals and dangerous fumes. Restaurants are implementing new green cleaning methods to improve their Alberta restaurant grades. Retail stores are hiring green cleaning services in an effort to enhance their eco-friendly image. Large businesses are starting to utilize green cleaning products to improve facility conditions and employee environments.
To learn more about green cleaning programs, eco-friendly practices, and online training courses, please visit Alberta’s Green Cleaning Program website, provided by the Alberta Government of Canada.


What is Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning is the act of cleaning using environmentally friendly practices in order to reduce its impact on human health and the environment. Modern Lime strives to be 100%.